Report an Incident or Suspicious Activity

This page is intended for Augusta Ranch community members to report a complaint, concern, or incident.

The information you submit below goes directly to Augusta Ranch Security (Valley Protection Services). It’s important to be a specific as possible and all relevant information. To reach Security directly, please call 480-518-3399. In case of emergency, please dial 911.

Complaint Form to Report an Incident or Suspicious Activity

Be sure to include your phone number in case Security needs additional information or for follow-up.

Incident Details

Please provide information about the event leading to your complaint, concern or grievance in the Augusta Ranch community.
Please list names and titles of those who were directly involved in the incident. Please exclude witnesses from this list.
Please list the names of those who witnessed the incident.
Please provide as much detail as possible, including relevant events that led up to the incident.
Cite specific information from the governance document when possible.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
I submit this form and confirm that everything on it is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information can lead to disciplinary action and/or termination.

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PH: (480) 354-1236
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