March 2024 Newsletter

March 2024 Edition

Call For Candidates!

HOA Board Elections

Deadline to Submit: April 12th!

There are three board positions up for election this year. Each term requires a three-year commitment. We strongly encourage inspired homeowners to consider running.

Interested candidates must submit a Board Member Candidate application on the website. Applications must be submitted by April 12, 2024.

After April 12, Augusta Ranch residents should receive emails from VOTEHOANOW, the website we use for online voting. If you don’t use computers, no worries, you may request a mail-in ballot or stop by the onsite HOA office to receive a paper copy.

Whether or not you run for the board, we would love to see you at our Annual Meeting on May 20, 2024 at 7 PM. Find out what has been happening in your community and our plans for the future!


The City of Mesa regulates and licenses door-to-door salesman, peddlers, etc.. It is unlawful for any person, company or organization (organizations that are exempt: political, newspaper subscription, citrus selling, and religious) to go door-to-door in the city without being individually licensed. The City of Mesa licensing process requires fingerprinting, background checks, and bonding of each individual (Mesa City Code Title5, Chapter 6)

Dropping off flyers OK? Yes, your local pizza shop, nail salon, landscape company etc.. flyers hanging on your door knob are permitted as long as they don’t knock or ring your doorbell.

Every year, the Augusta Ranch Patrol Team locates many people around the community selling Pest Control, Solar Panels, Home Security systems, etc.. Several others claim to work for major companies such as Cox, CenturyLink, SRP and others; however, this is simply not true. They are a 3rd party sales team generally hired to collect data for potential sales.

Please do not engage with any person who attempts to solicit at your door and cannot provide an official City of Mesa license. Tell them you are not interested and contact security immediately with last known location, direction of travel and description of individual so we may contact them to investigate whether or not they need to be removed from community.

Bike Lanes in the Community

With spring temperatures just around the corner, the HOA would like to remind residents that parking or stopping in bike lane is prohibited.

ARS 28-815D A person shall not operate, stop, park or leave standing a vehicle in a path or lane designated as a bicycle path or lane by a state or local authority except in the case of emergency or for crossing the path or lane to gain access to a public or private road or driveway.

It has come to our attention that we have this issue in a couple areas of our community. The golf course is working on a plan to create more parking spaces. The other area is in front of the Augusta Ranch Elementary School. To cut down on the illegal parking, we are hoping that more kids will start walking or riding their bike to school since the temperature outside is conducive to those activities.


Violation notices are being sent via email if you have an email address in your account. No more “Snail Mail”! Now we can discuss your notice the same day the violation occurs. If you are still receiving them by mail, you will need to add an email to your account on the Resident Portal link below.

Register on

If you are not able to access the new website then you have NOT registered. Register HERE

Resident Portal Website
HOA Business Website


Click on the Calendar to select a Specific Event


April 2024

4th – Blood Drive

6th – Augusta Palooza

9th – Trivia

13th – Community Garage Sale

15th – HOA Board Meeting

16th – Bunco

17th – Texas Hold’em

20th – Street Player Band

23rd – Music Video Bingo

Augusta Ranch Blood Drive

April 4th 8AM-1PM

To sign-up, go to and use sponsor code: augustaranch


Links to school calendars:

Augusta Ranch Elementary

Desert Ridge Junior High

Desert Ridge High School


If you need Security, call them directly at 480-518-3399.

Your Security Patrol Team

Here When You Need Them!

Security cannot respond to text messages,

as they are unable to authenticate the caller.

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team consists of three full-time armed guards licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The guards patrol our community approximately 18 hours per day, seven days a week, continuously changing schedules. They work through Valley Protective Services, Inc., and have a close working relationship with the Mesa Police Department, who may rely on our guards to assist when needed.

When is it appropriate to call Security? 

If it doesn’t look right to you, let our Security Team know. It takes all of us watching to help keep Augusta Ranch a safe place. Possible reasons to call Security might include parking violations, solicitors, trespassing, open garage door, criminal damage, animal control, lost/found property, and any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles. For neighborhood non-emergencies, we’re here to help!

Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team: 480-518-3399

To submit a security report online:

Mesa Police non-emergency line: 480-644-2211, option 2

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