Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

Aaaah Wellness
(Rehabilitation Chiropractic Care, PC, dba)
Contact: Dr. Harvey Abrams 480-396-4400
6638 E Baseline Rd #103, Mesa, AZ 85206


Since the beginning, Dr. Abrams has lived in Augusta Ranch as one of the first owners in the area. He has practiced for almost 30 years as a Chiropractor and Licensed Acupuncturist who delivers Functional Medicine alongside a Naturopath Doctor and Massage Therapists. In our clinic, we provide improvement to patients for everything from pain, to diabetes, to digestive issues and more. To provide his patients the optimal care, he has created the 4 A Method:

  • Analyze – For over 25 years, we have developed and refined a specific system using functional medicine, physical medicine, and eastern medicine with the latest research and testing. This method helps us analyze your specific needs.
  • Activate – We seek to activate your body’s innate healing by administering your coaching and care with our arsenal of tools. These tools can include natural approaches, different forms of chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, lifestyle recommendations, and customized nutritional guidance.
  • Achieve – As you follow our recommended plan, we work together to achieve a higher quality of living and rekindle your passion for life.
  • Advance – Whether you realized it or not, our ultimate goal was always to make you better than you were before. While you were thinking about tomorrow, we have been thinking about the next ten years.



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