September 2023 Edition

Brown Rat

Roof Rats in our Area


A few residents have made us aware of roof rats in our area. We have included a link that tells how to prevent roof rats. If we are all a little more diligent, this will decrease the sighting of roof rats.


A resident who has seen roof rats at his home has been using Rat Trap Ultra and has been successful. 


Roof Rat Control around Homes and Other Structures Article


Vacation Rentals Word Cloud on Blue Background

Short Term Rentals


Do you own a Short Term Rental. Many owners are not aware of the law/requirements that passed in 2022.


SB 1168, passed in the 2022 legislative session (and codified as A.R.S. Section 9-500.39), applies to planned communities and condos, and allows a city or town to regulate vacation or short-term rentals as follows: 


1) to require an owner of a short-term rental to provide emergency contact information and allow a city or town to impose a penalty of up to $1,000 against the owner for every thirty days they fail to provide the contact information


2) to require the owner must obtain and maintain a local regulatory permit or license


3) to require, before offering a vacation or short-term rental for rent for the first time that the owner notify all single-family residential properties adjacent to, directly and diagonally across the street from the property


4) to require the owner of the property to display the local regulatory permit number or license number, if any, on each advertisement for the vacation or short-term rental property the owner maintains


5) to require the vacation rental or short-term rental to maintain appropriate liability insurance to cover the vacation or short-term rental in the aggregate of at least $500,000 or to advertise and offer each rental through an online lodging marketplace that provides equal or greater coverage. 


Also, a city or town may deny issuance of a permit or license for a rental property only if an owner fails to provide the required information, permit/license fee, has a suspended permit/license for the same rental, provides false information, or is a registered sex offender or has been convicted of any serious felony in the last five years.


Finally, a city or town that requires a local regulatory permit or license must adopt an ordinance to allow the city or town to initiate an administrative process to suspend a permit or license for a period of up to twelve months if three minor or one significant verified violation occurs.


If you own a short term rental in Mesa, AZ and want to make sure you have complied with all requirements you can call the Licensing Department at 480-644-2316 or use this link If you live next to a short term rental and have had issues you can submit your concerns at

Landscape Minimum Requirements


Front yard landscaping must have a minimum of two (2) 15 gallon trees or one (1) 15  gallon  tree  and  one  (1) Tree  Substitute  at least  three  (3)  feet  in  height,  as identified in the Approved  Landscape Plan. Also, six five-gallon plants or shrubs will be required in all front yards.


We had a very HOT summer, the community and many residents have lost trees and shrubs due to little rain and high temps.


The HOA is not sending out notices for “Replace Landscape” as it is not that time of year to plant. We will be sending out these notices in the next couple months when the temperature cools down. Please take the initiative at that time to remove any dead foliage you may have and replace it to comply with the minimum requirements.


If you have any questions please call the HOA office at 480-354-1236.


Arizona House Bill 2298

Important Information


We will be holding a “Special Meeting” for HB 2298 on November 20th at 6PM. Location TBD. We will be talking in depth on why this parking restriction is so crucial to Augusta Ranch. We will have hard copy ballots at the meeting and the online voting will go out on November 21st to the community.


Read the Whole AZ HB2298 Bill 



We are very excited for Augusta Ranch Annual Oktoberfest this year. We are doing things a little differently as we listen to feedback from last year. Last year, it was still very hot and uncomfortable for many, so we decided to have it later in the year. This year N’Oktoberfest will be held on Saturday, November 4th hence the reason for the new name. We would love to partner again with all our vendors from 2021, 2022 and new vendors. To sign up and hold your space please go to website to fill out the vendor application and pay your $100 refundable deposit.


If you know of another business or artisan vendor that would like to participate this year, please send them this information. 


Residents, please mark you calendar for this event. More details will come out closer to event date.



Register on

If you are not able to access the new website then you have NOT registered. Register HERE

Resident Portal Website
HOA Business Website


Click on the Calendar to select a Specific Event


October 2023:


2nd -16th – Golf Course Closed (Scratch will be open Wed-Sun)

2nd – 16th – Top Tracer will be open periodically (details closer to date)

12th -19th – HOA Office Closed

14th – Opening of “Buckets” – New snack bar for Top Tracer

17th – Bunco

21st – Halloween Party at Scratch

24th – Trivia Night

26th – Blood Drive at 8AM

27th – Ronnie Leach

28th – Group Therapy


November 4th – N’Oktoberfest


Links to school calendars:

Augusta Ranch Elementary

Desert Ridge Junior High

Desert Ridge High School


If you need Security, call them directly at 480-518-3399.


Your Security Patrol Team

Here When You Need Them!

Security cannot respond to text messages,

as they are unable to authenticate the caller.


Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team consists of three full-time armed guards licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The guards patrol our community approximately 18 hours per day, seven days a week, continuously changing schedules. They work through Valley Protective Services, Inc., and have a close working relationship with the Mesa Police Department, who may rely on our guards to assist when needed.


When is it appropriate to call Security? 

If it doesn’t look right to you, let our Security Team know. It takes all of us watching to help keep Augusta Ranch a safe place. Possible reasons to call Security might include parking violations, solicitors, trespassing, open garage door, criminal damage, animal control, lost/found property, and any suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles. For neighborhood non-emergencies, we’re here to help!


Augusta Ranch Security Patrol Team: 480-518-3399

To submit a security report online:


Mesa Police non-emergency line: 480-644-2211, option 2

Meet our New Security Team



Lehland Burton


My name is Lehland Burton. I am from southern Illinois. My employment was farming crops and animals. I moved to Arizona in 2015 to escape the snow and pursue better employment opportunities. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I try to carry Christ in all I do and say. Read more.

Frank Zilinger


My name is Frank Walter Zilinger III and I am currently a Guard at Valley Wide Security. I am originally from the Chicago area however as a child; my twin brother, sister and I moved around different places due to my Dads jobs. Read more...

Julio Brito


My name is Julio Brito. I am a Marine Corps veteran in which I served from 2008 – 2012. I am multi-task oriented, enjoy a challenge, and continually stay seasoned on the latest laws and regulations. Read more…

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Hello, my name is Alexander Paul Garino but I go by Alex; I am married and a new father. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Mesa, Arizona with the addition of attending Mesa High School. Read more...

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